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Gamer-e's gameplay for Mario's Amazing Adventure (SNES)

Gamer-e played Mario's Amazing Adventure

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Gamer-e said...
-Mario's Amazing Adventure is another ROM hack I've had for the longest. What drew me into the game was that the raccoon tail from Super Mario Bros. 3 was in the game. It's pretty much the cape minus one ability, but it's greatly appreciated. This is another extremely well done hack. The levels are pretty fair and, until much later on in the hack, I never felt like the levels were being particularly unfair to me in any instance. The hack only has 4 worlds complete, but these worlds are really long; much longer than any of the ones in the original game.
-There was one problem in one of the stages that I had to go fix in Lunar Magic myself: I had to move a block on the Ghost Ship because when re-entering it from the checkpoint, you die because you start off between two blocks. After moving it a bit to the left, it was possible to continue playing the game again.
-The only level I felt was really unfair as a whole was the castle where the player is fooled into thinking that he needed to solve a puzzle when in reality, he needed to return to the beginning of the level after hitting the P-Switch and become small to go through the blue door. If the puzzle was really one of the ways to get through the castle, then the creator needs to fix that. I ran out of time probably twice before I realized that I needed to go through the blue door...
-I like how the Yoshi from SMW2: Yoshi's Island was used instead of the original sprite. Ditto for the use of the custom baby Yoshi sprite (unless it's from a game I haven't played yet) instead of the original.
-I also really like how Birdo and Mouser are bosses in this hack. Birdo's a boss guarding a secret exit, though.
-The game needs to allow you to save more often. With the levels being longer and harder and the worlds having more of them, it's unsettling not having the ability to save especially when the possibility of a Game Over is very possible. Around the Ghost House level of World 2, I began save stating after every stage. At one of the castles, I began reloading the same save state that was on the overworld map because I kept getting a Game Over due to only having one life.
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