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Gamer-e's gameplay for Super Mario TKO (SNES)

Gamer-e played Super Mario TKO

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Gamer-e said...
-I finally got around to playing the demo for Super Mario TKO (what that stands for, I can't remember, if I ever knew, that is). This is the best ROM hack of Super Mario World I've ever played, hands down. It has completely new graphichs, music, enemies, boss fights, and some new game play elements amongst other things like castles being completely wrecked after finishing a boss. On top of all that, the difficulty isn't retardedly high and the game doesn't use cheap tricks, both of which many other ROM hacks are notorious for! The creators intend to make this game fun and have the difficulty be closer to the original Super Mario World's. Although this is a ROM hack, the creators meant for the game to be thought of as a completely new game rather than just another hack. I can't blame them for wanting people to think like that; the effort put into the game shows. There are two, possibly three, secret exits I haven't found yet and I'm not sure if it's possible to find them in this demo. If it is, then I'm not looking in the right spots. I think I came close to finding one of them, but gave up because I had to go do something else at the time.
-The only level that really made me angry, though only a little, was Bullet Time due to the one part that reminded me of part of the first stage in Kaizo Mario World. It's not nearly as bad, but it was still kinda annoying.
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