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What the hell was that?! That was way too easy...

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Gamer-e said...
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This game throws all of these awkward and horribly challenging challenges in my face up until the end of the game. Then I fight the final boss's first form.

The only reason I even took as much damage as I did was because I decided to goof around with him, doing unnecessary movements which made the fight last far longer than it should. Second form, I nearly killed the guy effortlessly, but ended up being killed because I didn't pay attention to my health due to how easy the battle was.

Second time around, I didn't goof off at all and just beat the living hell out of both forms. Seriously, I was expecting a third form! What the hell?!
Mega Man X6

Mega Man X6 (PS)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Platform Shooter
Release Date: 07/DEC/01
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Maybe it's just because I was using the Shadow Armor, but even with that, some parts were hellish, especially boss fights that required me to air dash or jump (dash) far to avoid getting hit. I didn't get the Hyper Dash, which allows me to have a longer jump dash, until the third to last stage, because I needed it to get past an area that required a long jump dash or air dash.

Gates was the main villain anyway, so I'm just gonna think of Sigma as a really crappy extra boss who's nowhere near as difficult as he was in the other X games.
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